I am a 50 year old female with sudden onset chest pain. I was immediately referred to Parag Doshi, MD for both Cardiology and Vascular Diseases by my primary care physician.

Upon examination, Dr Doshi performed an EKG, a Stress Test, and fitted me with a Holter Monitor to determine the cause of the chest pain. All testing came back negative for Coronary disease.

The cause of my chest pain was discovered when my primary care physician received my blood work lab results. The test revealed that my thyroid levels were too high, thus causing the chest pain.

During follow up with my Cardiologist, Dr Doshi addressed a problem with my varicose veins. I had been having cramps in my legs as well as swelling in my feet. Dr Doshi performed ultrasounds along with sclerotherapy and catheter treatment to eliminate the varicose veins. Almost immediately after treatments, the swelling in my feet and the cramps in my legs disappeared.

My husband recently had a situation with sudden onset chest pain, and he was treated by Dr Doshi’s associates.

I work in the Emergency Department of a local hospital, therefore, I am very familiar with a variety of specialists. We could have gone to any Cardiologist, but Dr Doshi is the best.

I have complete confidence in Dr Doshi and the specialists in his Cardiology practice. They have treated my husband and I with complete excellence and professionalism. I would recommend friends and family to this practice.